10 days ago I’m celebrating my birthday. Yeah 27th year and still counting.

    One year full of memories, happiness, sorrow and hope woven together making my life perfect day by day. How I struggle to wake up early in the morning (yeah sound silly but that is my guilty pleasure…:), fix my eating habit, broke up, until handle one big project that change my life forever.

    Man always learned from what he been through. And this year Allah bless me with many thing that I must resolve. Still there is so much flaw to resolve, promises too accomplish and most important how to make most of my life to achieve the best of what happened to my.

    So in this year my very best hope is around 3 wishes. Lesson from my age that coming past last year are :

  1. Time flies, so grab what most best from it, use it wisely & never regret with what happened
  2. One that always left is memories, so cherish every moment, every relationship and be grateful to what happened, coz if it not bring you closer to your dream so at least it bring you a wisdom.
  3. Love with all your heart even if it hurt you, coz that the only way to love somebody. At the end that love will give you best lesson to change yourself better.
  4. So until my heart stop beating, then it’s my time to make change. ” it’s not how long we live, but how full we live that will count ” once my mentor said. I kind a like this quote, so it’ll be my quote for my 27th.